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Fellow horse lover:

Karen and I bought our first horse in 2000 and put our full faith in the seller. Mistake. In the ensuing months, we learned more and more about the horse business, and discovered, what Paul Harvey would say was “The rest of the story”.  A very disheartening one at that. We started West Crescent Ranch in 2002 and eventually moved to Nokesville, VA in 2006 and set about the business of building our ranch. In developing the ranch and caring for our horses, we purchased a lot of horse products and received a lot of information about horses.

A lot of the information was untruthful and we wasted a lot of hard earned dollars on horse products, many that did not perform as advertised. Without a doubt, a lot of people and products took advantage of us. Not to be deterred from our love of horses, we cataloged product performance and untruthful information.

Now we are sharing that information with you to help you from being taken advantage of by people and products.

We post our experiences to help you decide whether a product will work for you, what to expect,  and how well you can expect them to work. We developed and maintain an electronic library of horse product information and horse myths.

Under Product Reviews, we tell you and show you how well a product worked for us. Under Horse Myths,  we expose many of the myths and half truths people will tell you.

The capstone of our efforts are the Horse Ownership Commandments supported by the library.

Additionally, we would like you to share your successes and setbacks, so others can learn from your experiences.

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