Mid-February Update [Story]

Good day and hello from once again snowy West Crescent ranch in Nokesville, VA with our mid-month February story.

Well no sooner having dug out from the January 2016 snow storm are we getting a dusting today. Old man winter just won’t let go, but he will soon! We are celebrating three things that did not happen at the ranch during the January snow storm. First, we never lost power – Yea – which meant I did not have to start up the generators for the ranch. Second, the all-powerful F250 we have relied on for so many years came through again and helped us move some snow, but the bulk of the snow was moved by our good neighbors Doug and Barbara and their John Deere tractor. Thirdly, no horses were injured from the snowy romping we highlighted in the January post.

Our thanks go out to my good friend Eddie from High Performance Motors in Nokesville, VA, 703-594-3900 and his team members, Joe and Charlie, who keep the 1988 F250 running. As you can see she has a few dents and dings, all of which I am responsible for, but she can still pull her weight and much more tasks on the ranch. Here is a short grip and grin with Eddie and his team after a little work on the “Red and White Beast”.



Parents looking for opportunities to improve their children’s lives through many means. Involvement in scouting programs, after school activities, weekend events, volunteering at hospitals and retirement communities are just some events to shape young adult’s paradigm on life. These activities help young adults become better citizens and prepare them for many non-academic challenges in the lives.

In the course of my life I have been involved in many of these programs, Cub and Boy Scouts as a young adult, Big Brother programs as a Marine Officer, and volunteering at a horse rescue ranch in Arizona. Looking back on my involvement in these programs each contributed to my growth as a young man and as an adult.

In time, I realized my experiences should be shared with young adults and future leaders of America to complement their growth as a young adult. I looked at many ways in which I can support parents rearing their children and Karen and I decided to hold horsemanship clinics at our ranch. But not just horse riding clinics!

The clinics were designed to support our young adults learning and understanding of horsemanship, Christianity, US history, and patriotism. There is no other equine and people training facility in VA that integrates these valuable concepts into a week-long clinic.

The foundation of the clinics is to teach basic horsemanship and how the caring and training of a horse is related to God’s guidance to us on the care for all animals and to live the principles of Christianity. Too many public schools are focused on a government driven curriculum, Common Core, and much of that curriculum does not help students learn about Christianity, accurate US history and, patriotism, all are the life-blood of what has made this country great!

We are hosting an open house on April 23rd for you to visit our equine and people training facility and get to know us. Our 2016 Christian based horsemanship week-long clinic dates are 6-10 June, 4-8 July and 8-12 August. For details on the open house and the curriculum for the clinics see our website, www.westcrescentranch.com.

Next edition, at the end of February, will feature our 2014 NBHA Virginia Barrel Racing champion, Sheza Dashin’ Bug, affectionately, Bugs!

Our open house is April 23rd, and the Christian based horsemanship week-long clinics are 6-10 June, 4-8 July and 8-12 August.

Finally I want to thank Ryan Jaques, (757) 660-3000, ryan_jaques@yahoo.com for his expertise in filming and producing the videos for us and the men of Kappa Phi Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, George Mason University, who work here on the weekends to help us create a better equestrian training facility.

As always, come by and visit us at one of our events and God bless you and America!


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