Mid-April Update [Story]

Good day and hello from once again snowy West Crescent ranch in Nokesville, VA with our mid-month story.

Well, if you can believe it we had some snow and sleet here on April 9th. I guess April snow and hail brings the sweaters back out and may be in May, flowers. Old man winter just won’t let go, but he will soon!

If you missed Peter’s trip to Kualoa Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii you can view the last newsletter (March) with great videos.

We are a few days from our April 23rd Open Horse Ranch event. We are hosting parents who have an interest in our Christian based horsemanship clinics, the first in VA.

Watch Mitch give you the “scoop” on our horses and horse clinics,

So how did the Christian based horsemanship mixed with the rich history of the great country and patriotism come about? Well here is our story — –


I (Peter) was bothered by the thousands of people who do not like the US and distort its great history. I traveled to 14 countries in my 19 years in the Marines and Army and developed a deep love for the privilege of living in the US, because of what I witnessed in those less blessed countries. Literally dirt poor people with no foreseeable help to change their lot in life because of their country’s lack of a constitutional government and honest leaders. I returned from the war, thankful I was back in the US, but I saw many people who disliked this great country and wondered why so many only understood patriotism as waving the flag on a holiday and lighting fireworks on July 4th. I could not understand why young people could recite their favorite movie or rock star, claim to having hundreds of friends on Facebook, but could not recite the first seven words of the preamble to the constitution. They could not tell me who the president of the US is or even discuss the principles that shaped the birth of this great nation guided by our founding fathers.

Christian based horsemanship

Karen and I have seen the growing attack on Christian beliefs, a breakdown of the family and a failure of young men and women to understand the importance of Christian principles during their formative years. I (Peter) saw it as an instructor in the Quantico Young Marines program and in discussions with young men and women. Young men and women, future leaders of our county, who have Christian principles taught to them by their parents, must be reinforced and strengthened. One way is to talk with them about how God entrusted us with care for horses and relate that responsibility to actions as young man and women. Additionally, young men and women should have a forum to discuss the challenges to their faith they face and how to fight back when their faith is challenged.

Young men and women are impressionable and need to have multiple venues of support to help them live their faith, with their heads held high proclaiming the Word!

They need to understand a relationship with Jesus Christ is one that will never fail them just as a relationship with a horse they have treated with respect, loved and care for, will not fail them.


Over time as our knowledge of horses, the horse industry, misinformation with regard to horse training, and horse care grew; we felt an obligation to pass on our knowledge to beginners. We assist beginners, with firsthand knowledge of horse experiences to develop a solid knowledge base of horsemanship and to avoid the myths and misinformation regarding horse care and horse equipment. We feel it is important beginner horse owners receive truthful and accurate information on horses, horse care and the industry; otherwise they will be wasting their parent’s valuable money and time and building a weak foundation for the care of a horse.


Our vision of Christian based horsemanship is now a reality and will be a wonderful experience for young man and women and their parents. Our seminars are tailored to 8- 18 years of age and for beginners with little knowledge of horsemanship and who have a desire to learn about horses, the illustrious history of America and strengthen their Christian beliefs. Come on a week long journey where your faith will be strengthened, you will learn the truthful history of this great country and LEARN TO SPEAK HORSE!!

Clinic dates are 27 June-1 July, 4-8 July and 1-5 Aug. For details on the open house and the curriculum for the clinics see our website, www.westcrescentranch.com and click on the “Horse Clinics” tab and go the calendar at the bottom of the page.

As always, come by and visit us at one of our events and God bless you and America!


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