Fencing: General

Good fencing is like a good cigar, lasts a long time and is expensive. Basically fencing is divided into board fencing and wire rope fencing. The former is very expensive to install, may not be the best option, and can require long term maintenance. Without a doubt it is always associated with a ranch and if installed correctly will last many years. The latter is much more horse safe, requires less maintenance and is far less expensive. If you are going to do it yourself we recommend wire rope. If you have a money tree, then board fencing might be your best option for your bag of cash!

We installed a combination of both at WCR, but with careful consideration as to the location. We installed plastic board fencing at the front of the property and to surround the yard. The wire rope is exclusively for the pastures.

Horses can get their legs caught in between the boards, get abrasions from rubbing or attacking it, in the case of stallions, and can be a haven for wasp/hornet/bee nests.

The wire rope fencing we installed was supplied by Kenkove and we have no regrets especially after the stallion charged the fence one day and came away w/o any abrasions.

Put in picture of fencing.

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